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Hi-Life Silent Disco Hire Leeds and Yorkshire silent discos for weddings and parties in Leeds York and Harrogate

So why should you consider our silent disco service?

Silent discos have been around for a few years now at festivals and in nightclubs. We are now bringing this unique experience to weddings and private parties around the Leeds and Yorkshire area.

We can arrange discounted headset hire, via Ziggy's Silent Discos for small to medium events. Ziggy organises all our silent discos at the Company and we have a number of trained silent disco DJs to play your event, be it a wedding, birthday or a Corporate Event. Larger events we can arrange hire via another partner company.

People like to find unique experiences to share with their friends and family and this can be a great talking point. Your guests will be able to hear themselves talk too!

There are a lot of venues in towns, cities, like Leeds, Harrogate, York and out in the countryside that have draconian noise limits imposed on them by local authorities, after neighbours have complained about loud music, but this is only one consideration.

Wouldn't it be great to have two, or even three types of music at your event? People dancing together, sharing an experience, but listening to different things.This would allow you to have exactly the type of music you and your friends like on one channel and to have something for other guests on another. You can switch over at the push of a button at any time and hear exactly what someone else is listening to. If you have eclectic tastes in music that not everyone might share, this is the perfect solution. It can also be great where you have groups of people from different cultures, as often happens at weddings. You could have a channel specifically for a group of guests, who have travelled a long way and might love to have a channel of music dedicated to them.

There are three types of silent disco package on offer from ourselves:

Bronze Package

One DJ, headsets and lights. Up to 2 channels of music.

Silver Package

One DJ, headsets, PA system and lights. Up to 3 channels of music.

Gold Package

Two DJs, headsets, PA system and lights. Up to 3 channels of music.

If you are interested in getting a quote for a silent disco contact Ziggy;, giving him as much information about the event, i.e. date, location, times, number of headsets and type of event.

For some events, like weddings you will still require PA for background music, announcements and normally the first dance. This would mean you would need to opt for the silver, or gold package.

For more information on headset hire visit: Ziggy's Silent Discos.

Ziggy will send you a simple questionnaire to fill in, an then will give you some options and a full quote for each.

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