Meet the Hi-Life Entertainment DJs

Hi-Life mobile and club DJs available for hire from Hi-Life in Manchester and Cheshire. Your mobile DJ will be selected based primarily upon the music that you are looking for, as well as the location of the event and availability. You can of course request a quote to book a specific DJ.

mobile DJ Darren Baxter plays funk, northern soul, motown, indie, disco & house

DJ Darren Baxter

Darren joined the company after he mailed me a phenomenal mix tape. He covers all areas of music and has a great knack of dropping the right tune at the right time. Whether he is playing a straight up party set, or something more eclectic, he can move seamlessly through styles.

He is now based in Chesterfield, so covers a lot of mobile DJ and wedding work in Sheffield, Derbyshire, Nottingham, etc, but still also covers Leeds, York, Bradford and other parts of Yorkshire too. He is a good choice for marquee based events, as he has sound engineering experience too.

book mobile DJ Jonathan Wright for personality style DJing & live music options

DJ Jonathan Wright

Jonathan has been with us since 2015. He has had many residencies over the years at top venues and has worked extensively as a DJ and musician.

He is a personality style mobile DJ and can host speciality nights which include Northern Soul, Reggae, Ska, R'n'B, 70’s, 80’s and current chart music. He has a vast knowledge of most genres of music and has DJ'd some very eclectic sets for us.

He can also play the piano and sings, which can be useful for wedding services.

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mobile DJ Mark Hepworth plays northern soul, motown, funk, ska, reggae, r&b, punk & indie

DJ Mark Hepworth

Hi-Life Entertainment was set up by me, but we are not your typical one man operation, having a team of three full time staff.

What I bring to the table (whether as DJ or agent), is over 25 years working full time in music. I have played guitar in bands, owned and managed a couple of record shops and have been a full time DJ now since 2006. As a result there are not too many types of music I don't know about, old and new, underground and mainstream.

I got into music through punk rock and bands like the Clash, who opened my mind to many diverse areas of music, especially those from different cultures and continents.

I still buy masses of vinyl records for club and bar DJing, but use a digital set up for weddings and parties, running Traktor.

I also head up the Jazz Club Collective, alongside Barry Smyth (Barryshere)

mobile DJ bookings for DJ Rich Banks, Rich plays sixties mod, motown, northern soul, funk, rock and roll and indie

DJ Rich Banks

Rich also joined Hi-Life in 2012, and has featured regularly in that time, having a residency with myself in Leeds, playing northern soul, Motown, ska, rocksteady and funk, as well as playing diverse private parties.

He is very good at working to a brief and covering specialist sets.

Rich also covers Rock and indie and is very good at doing Craig Charles type sets too.

In his spare time Rich produces his own music and is heavily influenced by legendary drummer Bernard Purdie.

DJ Spike Griffin plays rock, metal, indie, punk, steampunk as well as dance music and across the board party tunes

DJ Spike Griffin

Spike started his DJ career in the late 80s and early 90s in Manchester, Glasgow and Amsterdam. Later, in Hull playing legendary venues such as Spiders, Welly and the Adelphi. Rock and Indie venues were the outlet for the burgeoning warehouse dance music scene. Spike saw the rise of dance music and set about organising events along the M62 corridor. He also worked at a number of wedding venues

After hanging up his headphones for a while, he organised a mini festival for his own birthday. 300 people and two marques made for a great weekend and rekindled the DJ and event organiser in him. He has been busy for the last 12 years entertaining at weddings and events, organising and DJing at Bike Rallies. His Street Theatre side occasionally creeps in to his work, as he's been known to throw in, the odd bit of fire eating. If you are wanting a Rock, Metal or Indie specialist. Look him up.

book mobile DJ Dan De Lissandri for house techno breakbeat disco and general weddings and parties in Manchester, Cheshire, Knutsford, Bury and Salford

DJ Dan De Lissandri

A fairly recent addition to the DJ roster at Hi-Life, (in 2017), but a very experienced DJ, who started out 18 years ago in Leeds underground club circuit.

I got to know Dan some years ago, as part of his work with DJ School. He has been passing on his turntable skills for a number of years now to new, upcoming DJs. Needless to say he now covers a wide variety of styles of music.

He's very capable of playing a party, as well as having the technical prowess and is a very flexible DJ.

book mobile DJ Maree for Motown, pop and rock in Cheshire, Greater Manchester and Knutsford

DJ Maree

Maree has been DJing for over a decade now, following somewhat of a family tradition, as her father and brother are also DJs.

She is passionate about music and has worked all over Yorkshire in many hotels and bars, DJing at weddings and parties. Seeing a full dance floor with everyone singing and dancing along is her main motivation. Her favourite types of music to play are Motown and pop and rock.

Outside DJing, she works as an auxiliary nurse in an A&E unit, which she also finds very rewarding.

book DJ Bryn for a wide variety of mobile parties, weddings and bar events

DJ Bryn

Bryn has been DJing at Hi-Life for several years now and has amassed a wide variety of music over that time, both old and new, proving a popular choice for weddings and parties, as well as bar and club events.

He has worked at a broad range of events and has very good technical skills relating to sound equipment, having worked for a large AV company also, doing corporate conferences and festivals.

His aim as a DJ is to provide a personalised experience, which fits in perfectly with Hi-Life's tailored music service.

book DJ Fekix for techno, disco and more

DJ Fekix

Vincent is a very versatile DJ, who can play contemporary electronic music, right through to classic disco sounds. On the club end of things he has had a residency at Boombox Circus at Beaverworks in Leeds and also produces music, working in a band called the Martians. He's currently studying for an MA in Music Production.

He has several years experience covering weddings and private parties, as well as having played support to Utah Saints, Dave Beer and Mouse Outfit.

He also is an audio video specialist, having worked at Jungle Jam and Fractal, which is also something he can offer at events.

Fekix on Bandcamp
book DJ MelloD for house, club and private party events

Mel Low D

Mel's passion for music has seen her career develop from small club brands to more renowned venues all over the UK. Not only is Mellow D immensely talented as a DJ with incredible crowd reading, set building and track selection skills her energy behind the decks is a joy to witness.

Mel is a multi genre DJ who enjoys all types of music, her passion can be seen in any set she does.

She is working with us in bar and club work, as well as all types of private events.

MellowD on Mixcloud
book DJ Tim Pinder for bespoke weddings and parties

Tim Pinder

Tim is a versatile, fun and experienced DJ who is drawn to music that has a groove, a good beat, and an innovative sound. Starting in Leeds clubs twenty years ago, he played in Think Tank, Bar Phono and Wire, and has also held a summer residency in Ayai Napa. Tim has moved through many genres as a DJ over the years, influences of which can be found in his wide range of mixes.

Having recently played weddings, birthdays and party nights as a mobile DJ, Tim enjoys getting a crowd on their feet and dancing. He uses his musical expertise to create a great vibe and is happy taking requests.

Tim Pinder on Mixcloud
book DJ Chris Hall for dance music, 18ths 21sts, 30th birthdays, weddings and parties and sax and DJ sets

DJ Chris Hall

Chris started DJing in the mid 90's, playing hip-hop, soul and funk at his local student union club nights.

Since then he has played many eclectic styles of music over the years, doing tailored sets for bar, corporate, wedding and party type events.

He currently runs an exclusive ibiza house / disco night, which incorporates live music, like sax and percussion and he is our "goto" man for this type of set.

He sees every gig as a way to further his musical knowledge and enjoys the satisfaction of delivering a unique set of music for clients and their guests.

DJ Nite Owl for soul, funk, disco, house music, dance and current pop

DJ Nite Owl

DJ Nite Owl plays a broad repertoire spanning an eclectic mix of soul, funk, disco, reggae and electronic music from the 70s to current dance trends. She specialises in crafting mixes to suit a range of audiences from teenagers celebrating their eighteenth birthday party to club bangers to fiftieth celebration parties for people who remember the age of 70’s disco and 80s new romantics.

She has played in clubs and bars in Leeds and beyond, hosted house parties and delivered tailored events for clients from birthday parties, weddings, house parties, new year’s parties and bar nights. More recently she has been entertaining online followers with live streams featuring themed mixes to keep people’s spirits up during lockdown. The reviews and comments about her events and live streams are testament to the loyal online following gained on Facebook and Instagram which continues to grow.

Hi-Life music on Mixcloud

As an illustration of the sorts of DJ sets we can play there are a number of playlists below. At weddings and parties we usually need to combine a few themes to cover different age groups. We are currently recording brief mixes of the various playlists, these are directly below, as featured on our Mixcloud page.

We can cover a wide variety of music. Lots of example playlists are available on the music page of our website. We also have a number of brief example mixes on our Mixcloud page. The Jukebox Mix is below, a "mash up" of lots of different styles.

Areas we cover

See links to regions we have mobile DJs for hire below. We do also travel to other areas at reasonable mileage rates.